We are husband and wife team, that started this company to create engaging and meaningful content that matters. 


Together, we live and work in the heart of downtown Rogers, Arkansas. Balancing work and life keeps us grounded in what is important. With a passion for the outdoors, the earth, traveling, our fellow man and a love for a good story, video has been a perfect business to be in together.  Yes, love may have brought us together in marriage, but video has brought us together professionally. Together, along with Duke and Miguel, we balance out each others strengths and weaknesses and make some thoughtful, well designed content. Read below to learn more about what makes us who we are. 

Producer /      Cinematographer     /    Editor

Producer /  Cinematographer  / Editor

Jeremy DucKWORTh

A former race-car driver and fabricator, Jeremy worked on a couple of NASCAR teams before realizing his heart was in film and TV. Check out all he has done as an actor, working for the CW, HBO, and Universal Studios.  After relocating to Northwest Arkansas in 2011 to marry his wife, Jeremy saw a need for video and cinema production in the area and thus, Bod High Productions was born. Pulling from his years of being in front of the camera and watching productions in action, he has built a company and a reputation on hard work and word-of-mouth referrals. He has learned every aspect of production in order to maintain a lean operation while shooting and editing 320 television episodes, feature films, corporate videos, and many other projects. In his spare time, he is an avid mountain biker you can usually find on the trails training for his next race. After all, at the end of the day, he was always a racer first.

Creative Director / Videographer / Editor

Creative Director / Videographer / Editor

Digital Media Manager

Digital Media Manager

FAA Certified Drone Remote Pilot

FAA Certified Drone Remote Pilot


After earning her BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, Susanne worked at a number of advertising agencies around the U.S. while chasing her gypsy heart. Along the way, she found a love for design of all kinds, even in video, so started taking classes while living in Portland, Maine for several years.

Over the past few years, after moving back to the Midwest where she grew up, she has gained experience in in-store shopper marketing with Catapult Marketing for Wal-mart and Sam's Club. Clients include MARS Petcare, MARS Chocolate, Crayola, Bayer, DPSG, and ConAgra—a varied roster providing a strong background in diverse industries.

Although she has co-owned Bod High Productions since 2012, Susanne took on full-time Creative Director duties in March of 2016, helping crafting beautiful, interesting, and engaging stories.


Miguel Palacios

Miguel has always pursued his passion for the arts working as a wedding photographer to support his time in business school in Los Angeles, CA. Since making Northwest Arkansas his home nearly ten years ago, Miguel has worked as a marketing director, and technical director / videographer for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, Hearst Television, and Nextstar Broadcasting.

After traveling work for major television networks, Miguel realized he wanted to use his media content and web management skills to help NWA businesses grow their exposure. He joined Bod High Productions to be able to work with a team to achieve the same goal: to help craft beautiful, interesting, and engaging stories that help connect their clients with their audiences.


Duke Boyne

For all our drone needs, we freelance out this guy for pretty much every job. This guy keeps life interesting. He is from double-south Louisiana, that currently lives in downtown Rogers. He is a FAA certified Remote Pilot in command who has a background in photography, videography, design, computer science, cooking, drumming, motorcycling, and the fine art of the cocktail.

To see more of his work, check out Zero Hundred Zulu. Together with his footage and ours, we make some pretty cool videos.